ONLINE EVENT: 5th ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers

The “ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers” is an educational effort held on an annual basis and conceived to strengthen the education of medical professionals willing to devote their career to rare cancers.
Despite being rare as single entities, rare adult solid cancers account for as many as 15% of all new cancer cases, thus being the main group within rare cancers in general. The definition of rare cancers by the RARECARE project and the list of the 10 “families” of rare adult solid cancers it gave rise to shape the sessions of this course:
• Head & neck cancers
• Sarcomas
• Rare thoracic tumors
• Neuroendocrine tumors
• Central nervous system neoplasms
• Rare female genital cancers
• Endocrine gland tumors
• Digestive rare cancers
• Rare urological and male genital tumors
• Rare skin cancers & non-cutaneous melanoma
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